Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Space


Regardless if it’s a guest or master bath, you want to have just enough space in your bathroom for it to be clean and organized. Unfortunately, some people weren’t blessed by the bathroom gods with an abundance of storage and space. Thankfully, there’s a few different ways that you can create tons of extra room without spending tons of cash. Here’s three key ways to create a spacious bathroom that you and your family will love.


It sounds like an obvious solution, but most people will see the square footage of a bathroom, deem it too small, and simply learn to deal with it. But if you look at any potential wall space for shelving, you’ll see that even a few shallow shelves can offer a lot to a bathroom. Anywhere that a shelf will fit, put it there! You not only want space for storage, but you want to make it feel inviting as well. More shelving means a place for plants, decorative items or towels, or anything that helps you to create a beautiful atmosphere. Directing attention to the decor will also take your eyes off the size of the bathroom.

Clear Glass

Any interior designer will tell you that clear glass doors, instead of shower curtains or frosted glass, will make a bathroom look much bigger. When you can see through to the shower, it creates an open space, allowing you to add more items to the room without it looking too congested. Thankfully, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, adding clear glass is both easy and inexpensive.

Shower Caddy and Vanity Storage

When dealing with a tiny bathroom, you need to check out every organizational tool that’s available. Shower caddies and other under the sink accessories are essential when it comes to creating more space. Custom bathroom remodeling in Marietta, GA, doesn’t have to be too complicated to make a huge difference. Simple things, like shelving and the right organization, can go a long way.