Ways to Increase Your Bathroom Space

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Discover ways to increase your bathroom space.

Extra Storage

One consequence of a cramped bathroom is a lack of storage space, but there are ways to make adjustments and expand your options. A vanity under the sink can provide a lot of extra storage. Deep drawers are preferable to doors, since the drawers give more storage and get in the way less. A rack behind your door stays out of sight and gives you some additional room to keep bathroom essentials. The area above your toilet is a great spot for shelving or cabinets, and a shower organizer should never be forgotten.

Space Savings

A shower curtain or sliding-glass door can keep you from feeling cramped. Shower doors that pull out sometimes push you into weird positions in a smaller bathroom. Consider installing a trough sink. They take up less floor space and free up room underneath, which can be used for storage. The reduction of protrusion allows more area for foot traffic. A corner sink can avoid awkward walk-around situations, and it'll use space that wasn't being utilized. 

The Visuals

You may have never thought about your flooring, but it does have an impact. Larger  scale patterns or tiles don't actually increase the square footage, but they make the bathroom look bigger. You might consider curved corners for your sink and vanity. Sharp corners or edges can cause bruises, and the rounded appearance gives the illusion of greater room. Expanding your mirror creates a wider view, which gives the impression of a larger area. It also allows two people to use the mirror at the same time. That's efficient and effective.

There are many tips and tricks that can be used to make the most out of a smaller bathroom.