Tips to Creating the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Blending your indoor and outdoor living spaces can give you a home that feels bigger, has more room for large parties and gatherings, and showcases a seamless transition between your outdoor landscaping and your interior design.

Thinking about your outdoor and indoor spaces together can help you create a cohesive and functional space that you can truly enjoy. If you’re remodeling part of your home, it might be a great time to think about blending your indoor and outdoor living spaces. For the best home remodeling in Woodstock, GA, be sure to look for someone who’ll listen to your ideas as well as help guide you with their own expertise. Here are some tips for creating a great indoor/outdoor living space to get you started.

Link Materials from Indoor to Outdoor

One of the best ways to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces is to use linking materials. Flooring is a great way to do this. If you can extend the same flooring from indoors to outdoors, you can create the illusion that it’s all one space. You want a flooring that can withstand outdoor changes in temperature and moisture and that won’t be slippery when wet. If it’s not practical to use the same flooring, think about using something in the same color palette or find out if the manufacturer makes an outdoor tile or material that matches the indoor flooring. Ceiling or wall materials can also be extended outdoors to link the two spaces together.

Make Use of Windows and Doors

Glass is essential in creating a blended indoor and outdoor space. Think about installing large sliding glass doors, folding doors, or glass double doors that lead out into the outdoor area. Framing doors with large windows can make the space feel even bigger and more open. Having large windows and glass doors allows your indoor space to feel larger and more open even in bad weather or when the outdoor space isn’t being used.

Match the Style of Your Home 

Make sure you use similar styles in the creation of both spaces. If you have a modern interior, don’t go for a Spanish hacienda style patio. While you don’t have to have a perfectly matching outdoor space, you want the elements from indoors to complement those outside. The transition shouldn’t be jarring. To create your dream space, search for the best home remodeling in Woodstock, GA.