The Essentials of a Great Basement

BASEMENT When you’ve committed to the idea of remodeling your basement, it can be hard to narrow down the direction of your renovation. Basements are famous for being multipurpose. This one super room can be used for recreation, leisure, work, storage, or guests. Depending on your design, you can focus on one objective, or make it useful for all of these things and more. The point is, there’s a lot of different options to consider to make the most out of your space. Here’s a few key ideas to help you choose the best route to your new basement.

Purpose Priority List

Since the basement can be so beneficial for so many reasons, it’s important to make a list of your purpose priorities. Big families might consider their basement to be a play or game room first, and guest room second. Couples may want to create a bar area and lounge for hosting dinner parties, while still making it function as an office as well. Think of all the different ways you can use the basement, then prioritize your list so the main function will be considered first in the design and decor.

Examine the Bones

Before you start installing shelving units, appliances, or projector screens, you want to make sure that the bones of your basement are all functioning properly. If you have a bathroom in the basement, make sure all the plumbing and water connections are in good shape. If you’re in a location that has harsh winters, updating your insulation might be a smart choice as well.

Floor and Decor

Once you know how you want to utilize the basement, and confirm that everything is up to code, you can start choosing your flooring, furniture, and style. Movie rooms and lounges pair up nicely with thicker carpets to cut down on noise. Game rooms and play rooms may need tile or hardwood floors for an easy clean-up after spills. Home basement remodeling in Kennesaw, GA. offers a wide range of flooring to fit your lifestyle. Of course, be sure to stick with a flooring that also matches the decor of the room.