Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Small Spaces

kitchen remodeling 
They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But, what do you do when your home is too small for the kitchen of your dreams? Get creative, of course! With a little ingenuity and design, you can remodel your way into your perfect space. From galleys to prep spaces, here are just a few of the ideas your kitchen remodeling contractors in Kennesaw, GA, have for small spaces.

Combine Spaces

If you don’t have enough space for your dream farmhouse table and a prep space, why not create a multifunctional area? Instead of installing a full island, opt for a table that can be used for dining, but is also central enough to be used for a prep space. Make sure it’s a table that fits with the aesthetic of your new kitchen. Then, it’s not only functional but beautiful as well.

Keep It Hidden

Even in the smallest of spaces, you don’t have to make the kitchen the focal point of your home. If you’re living in a studio, chances are that your kitchen is one of the main things people see when entering your space. Separate your living and eating area with panels or folding doors. This allows you to hide those dishes and create interest to the room.

Open Shelving

The more cabinets you have in your kitchen, the more cave-like it will feel. While they’re important for storage, limit the amount of upper cabinets you have. Instead, install open shelving for the upper part of your cabinet system while keeping doors and drawers for the lower area. This creates a lighter and airier feel to the kitchen while also giving you space for décor or special dishes.

Your kitchen should represent your style. If you’re ready for something fresh, it’s time for a remodel. No matter how big your space is, allow professional kitchen remodeling services in Kennesaw, GA, to create your perfect kitchen.