How to Utilize Every Inch of Your Bathroom Space

With a small bathroom, it can seem impossible to fit everything you need. The last thing you want is to be bumping your knees on the sink every time you need to sit down to use the toilet. Luckily, with a bathroom redesign, you can make the most of every square inch of your bathroom. Use the design tips below to get started.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

If you are looking for a simple project, considering installing more storage space over the toilet. You can put up shelving or extend the vanity counter over the toilet. This option is best if you only need a little more space for a few items. It doesn’t require you to move the toilet and you can still achieve a minimalist look.

Optimize the Sink Placement

If you have a narrow bathroom, consider installing a corner sink. This will ensure it is out of the way and not in the walkway. Alternatively, you can install a wall-mounted faucet. With this, you can install a narrower vanity or sink, which will free up more space.

Towel Bar on the Shower Door

If space is very limited, consider mounting a towel bar on the shower door. You can store the extra towels in a linen closet and just keep the one you need at close range. With this space-saving design, you will never need to worry about finding space to store towels in the bathroom.

Shower Curtain

Trade in the swinging glass door for a simple shower curtain. Glass shower doors that swing in and out use a lot of space, which is not optimal for a small bathroom. Shower curtains, on the other, slide back and forth, which will save room. You can also install a sliding glass door if you prefer the look. Talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor in Kennesaw, GA, to explore all of your options.

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