Newest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

If there’s any room in your house that’s exciting to upgrade and re-design until it’s perfectly picture-worthy, it’s your kitchen. The pros at Atlanta Home Designers see wonderful blends of timeless elements and beautiful new trends combined to create swoon-worthy spaces, and some of the new trends in kitchen design are truly lovely.

First and foremost, minimalism is definitely in. Simple neutrals, modern elements, and touches of gray define the palette and look of current kitchens. To build on that neutral base, pops of unexpected color, pattern, or design make your kitchen unique.

Two-tone cabinets bring a trendy twist to your typical neutrals. Weathered wood and creamy white, grays and blacks, and other complimentary combinations can be lovely. Additionally, smart storage is where it’s at. Appliance garages, hidden shelves, and other ways to keep clutter out of sight add to the aesthetic of the modern kitchen.

For walls, colors, and accents, there are a few fun trends to consider. For one, it’s the year of purple. In addition to the 2018 color of the year (ultraviolet), deep plums can make great accents. You can also look into personalized tiles for a custom backsplash that adds a personal touch to your kitchen. Pops of color and pattern look particularly beautiful in an otherwise minimally decked-out kitchen. Golden accents are also making their way in. While shiny chrome can still work in a minimalistic kitchen, gold and rose gold accents are rising in popularity. Another trend is to deck out your sink. For a pop of color, go with a funky sink or fancy faucet.

For flooring, dark floors pair well with white cabinetry. The contrast adds both depth and beauty to your space. You can also go with statement tile for a look that pops. If you’re interested in exploring these trends and making some changes to your kitchen, reach out to the Atlanta Home Designers today!