Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Stylish

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for home and kitchen remodeling in Kennesaw, GA. Check out a few of the latest trends and styles for your kitchen from the experts at Atlanta Home Designers.

Painted Cabinets

For the last several years, white cabinets have dominated the list of top kitchen trends. For many homeowners, they were an easy way to add brightness and space to an otherwise drab kitchen. It paired well with most flooring and countertops. However, in late 2017, a new trend started to emerge. Instead of the ever-popular white, gray and blue cabinets started gaining popularity. Since gray is a neutral tone, many homeowners have used it as a mediating color between warm wood or tile flooring and cool stone countertops. Dark blue cabinets are not as easy to match, but if you’re considering a whole-kitchen remodel, this style goes well with white countertops, stainless steel appliances, and warm wood floors.  

Quartz Countertops

When quartz countertops were first introduced to contractors and home buyers, they were marketed as a cheaper alternative to solid granite and marble. While quartz was initially lacking in the style department, it did have a lot of features that solid stone didn’t have. For example, quartz is non-porous, resistant to stains, and it doesn’t need regular treatments of sealer. Over time, the technology used in the creation of quartz has allowed designers to create surfaces that bear a striking resemblance to marble and granite. Cambria’s “Marble” collection is a prime example of how quartz has come to replicate the look of real marble but at a fraction of the cost. Upgrading your countertops to quartz will help you create a dramatic look in your kitchen.    

Appliance Garages

The minimalist trend has slowly made its way to the kitchen, contributing the modern look that taken over the industry. For this style, countertops are cleared of all of your everyday appliances like toasters, mixers, and coffee makers. Where do all of these appliances go? "Appliance garage" is the term used to describe these niches where all of your gadgets are stored. An expert kitchen designer can seamlessly integrate this handy storage cabinet into your kitchen and outfit it with hidden electrical outlets as well. The ultimate goal of this new style is to create a clean and clutter-free modern kitchen.

If you’re thinking about a home or kitchen remodel in Kennesaw, GA, this year, let’s the experts help you some of the latest trends that are sure to impress.