How Tiles Can Give an Antique Look to Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is your personal retreat, which means that you should design and style it according to your wishes. Who says that you have to have an overly simplistic bathroom with little color and only basic, contemporary tile textures? Professional bathroom remodeling contractors can design and build the perfect bathroom for your old-fashioned tastes, including one of the most enduring style choices any bathroom can possess: antique tiles.

These are some unique ideas for giving your bathroom the vintage, traditional appearance that spells luxury in your eyes.


Bathroom tiles give the room a classic texture. While contemporary design favors a clean, stark appearance, classic designs accentuate the elegance of textured materials like good bathroom tile. A combination of flat tiles and tile trim with contrasting grout give your bathroom an antique look, similar to that of wainscoting and molding in a dining room.


Bathroom remodeling in Woodstock, GA, can be more thoughtful than a basic re-hashing of today's style trends. Use tile to reference bathroom trends of years past. For instance, black hexagonal floor tiles pay tribute to antique American hotel bathrooms, and Spanish painted tiles evoke the homes of Mediterranean royalty. Refer to some of your favorite time periods and locales and take inspiration from their choice tile designs, then reflect them in your home bathroom.


Classic bathroom tiles are necessary if you have an eye for antique features like vintage armoire vanities, gilded mirrors, traditional sconces, and clawfoot porcelain bathtubs. Such antique details will look odd and out-of-place in a bathroom lined with contemporary white marble or other trendy materials. If you want to create a bathroom with a harmonious design scheme, hire bathroom remodeling services to install vintage appliances and fixtures, as well as classic wall and flooring tiles to match.

If you have a dream bathroom in mind, don't cater to contemporary tastes that don't appeal to you. Hire bathroom remodeling in Woodstock, GA, from Atlanta Home Designers. We are professional designers and contractors that will work with you to remodel according to your exact tastes. With our help, you'll soon have the elegant, antique bathroom of your dreams. Call us today!