6 Trendy Basement Remodeling Ideas

If you have an unfinished or empty basement, you're wasting valuable square footage that you've already started paying for. Why not get the best from it? Simply find contractors who specialize in basement remodeling in Marietta, GA, to transform any dank and unused basement into a practical space you'll love to show off.

These are 6 trendy ideas to inspire your remodel.

·         Home Bar - Do you like hosting parties or get-togethers at your house? Accommodate more guests with swank and style in your very own home bar. Install a bar with attractive lighting, speakers, and a mixture of soft, low seats with bar tables.

·         Urban Environment - Bring the feeling of big city tourism home with you. Install brick walls, iron fixtures, and lounge-like seating, and you'll feel like you've gone out on the town. Try installing lighted side panels around a bar to make the effect more immersive and fun.

·         Total Relaxation - Do you want a relaxing, casual environment to read and watch movies in? Install oversized daybeds in front of a big screen. And be sure to squeeze in a ton of pillows. Local basement remodeling can give you a cozy, private retreat, too.

·         Get Crafty - Are you a hobbyist? What better place than a basement for crafting, creating art, working on computers or car parts, and much more. Basement remodeling contractors can install everything from built-in tables to desks and shelves so you can get to work.

·         Formal Den - The living room has become everyone's favorite place for curling up in front of streaming media with a blanket. Make your basement the new formal den. Lay a hardwood floor, install beautiful ceiling lights, and decorate with style.

·         Guest Suite - Many homes have a guest room, but how many have a full guest suite? Give your loved ones more than just a bed to sleep on. Give them an en suite bathroom, kitchenette, and living quarters of their very own for an accommodating home away from home.

Do you want more remodeling ideas, or do you have a dream finished basement in mind? Contractors who specialize in basement remodeling in Marietta, GA, are ready to help you bring your dream room to life. Give the experts at Atlanta Home Designers a call today and begin creating your ideal basement!