5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New

Whether you like to admit it or not, you and guests to your home spend a lot of in the bathrooms of your home. As such, you're probably concerned about keeping it clean. For the big things, call bathroom remodeling contractors in Marietta, GA, for help. There are still many small subtle things that you can do to keep your bathroom shining. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will transform your bathroom on a budget.

New Paint Color

A bucket of paint doesn’t cost a lot and a new paint color on your bathroom wall can do a lot for the space. Certain paints and patterns can make the room look more spacious or brighter.

Get Nice Accessories

You don’t have to spend a lot to get all new accessories for your bathroom. Hang a new shower curtain, put down some new gel foam bath mats, or even spring for new fixtures for an instant bathroom redo.

Put Some Art up on the Wall

If you have an art print that you really love, go ahead and frame it and put it up on the spare wall in your bathroom. Every bathroom space has enough room for a piece of art or two, and this is the quickest way to transform any space.

Add Some Plants

Plants have an element of freshness and earthiness that has a way of doing good things for the body and soul as well. Choosing plants that thrive in humidity such as spider plants, ferns, and philodendron, means that it will be almost impossible to kill your new green bathroom accessories.

Clean up Your Grody Grout

Unless you’re regularly scrubbing the grout on your tile floors and in your shower, you might have some gray between your tiles. Spend some time and scrub at it with a pumice stone. This can make your bathroom look brighter and whiter.

An outdated bathroom can make even the bathrooms in brand new homes feel drab and dingy. If these small projects aren't doing the trick, call the professional and experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Marietta, GA, at Atlanta Home Designers for help.