3 Questions to Ask When Thinking about Remodeling Your Bathroom


So, you've recently started thinking about remodeling your bathroom. You find yourself looking at photos of other bathroom remodels, and you've started collecting tile samples. You may have even started to look into bathroom remodeling contractors in Woodstock, GA. But, how do you know if now is the right time to remodel? Here are 3 questions to ask to help you make that decision.

Why Do You Want to Remodel?

The first question to ask yourself is why you want this remodel in the first place. What got you started with thinking about doing a remodel? Is there something about your existing bathroom that isn't working for your lifestyle? Did a friend just remodel their bathroom, and it made you start wishing for an upgraded space too?

Be honest with yourself when answering the question. If you're simply getting an itch for a remodeling project, you may be making this decision impulsively, and it might be better to wait. But, if there is a good reason that your bathroom needs to be upgraded, then it might be time to remodel.

Do You Need a Total Remodel?

If you determine that you do, in fact, need to remodel your bathroom, you next need to ask if you need a total remodel. What is the main pain point in your current bathroom? Can that single fixture be fixed? Can you make minor changes to give the entire bathroom an updated look? Or, does everything actually need to be redone? Of course, even if you only want to convert your tub into a standing shower stall, if you don't love the look of your bathroom, it could still be worth doing a total remodel while you're at it.

Do You Need a Contractor?

Depending on the answer to the above questions, you now need to determine if you need a contractor or if the remodeling you want to do is simple enough to do yourself. Generally speaking, if you're doing a few simple cosmetic changes--painting, swapping out cabinet hardware, etc.--you can do the work yourself. But, if you're doing anything more complicated, like replacing plumbing fixtures or installing tile, you'll want to find a professional to do your bathroom remodeling in Woodstock, GA.