Top Basement Remodeling Trends in 2018


Gone are the days of dark, dank storage basements. Transform your space into a one-of-a-kind addition with basement remodeling in Marietta, GA. Check out these design ideas from the professionals at Atlanta Home Designers.

Home Theater

By far the most requested basement remodel design is a home theater or media room. Unlike a traditional living room with a couch facing a big screen television, the home theater is modeled after an actual movie theater. Theater-style seating means that the rows are elevated and spaced so every seat has optimal viewing. The center of the home theater is the projection screen and multi-speaker surround sound system. Add a popcorn maker and personal soda dispenser and it’s just like you were at the movies. Basements with open floor plans are ideal for this type of conversion and extra soundproofing on the walls and ceiling will reduce the sound travel to the rest of the house.   

In-Law Suite

If you have the ability and the means to add an extra bedroom to your home without adding any extra walls, go for it. Extra bedrooms and bathrooms will always increase the selling value of your home should you decide to move in the future. To perform this conversion successfully, allow for extra lighting and high windows or your room will feel more like a cave than a bedroom. In addition to a private bathroom, consider adding a sitting area and a kitchenette with a small cooktop, cabinets, and mini-fridge. These little features give a sense of privacy and independence from the rest of the house. If your home is built on a hill and situated so the basement is only half underground, the basement bedroom essentially becomes an apartment with its own entrance to the world outside.

Multi-Use Room

Depending on your layout, another popular basement design will convert your space into a multi-use room. You can designate an area for your workout equipment on one side of the room while your office or craft room is on the other. For book lovers and artist, turn one niche into a reading corner with floor to ceiling shelves and a wine bar. Create a space where everyone can relax when you plan for your basement remodeling in Marietta, GA.